2016 Summer Program Case Study


SUITable is an adaptive sportcoat that is designed to be adjustable for continuous thermal comfort. The coat features front flaps that are easily opened and closed for increased ventilation, and magnetic closures with hidden pockets for maximum adjustability by individuals with limited dexterity. 

Just-in Jacket

The Just-in Jacket is a multi-season jacket with a unique design and structure to maximize wearing comfort for a bright high schooler with muscular dystrophy, Justin, and ease donning and doffing for the caretaker, his mother, Prow.


Ease is a line of durable, stylish activewear-inspired shirts with moderate compression for comfort and sensory input. Lack of side seams and flat seam technology make the shirts smooth against the skin, eliminating pain points and threads for those who are sensitive to sensory stimuli.


Versacoat is an adaptive, multi-season jacket that provides full weather protection and durability during propelled movement or wheelchair transfer. Its many pockets can securely hold a user’s everyday necessities, back hemline that ends at the wheelchair seat and elongated front for leg coverage, ideal for wheelchair users.

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